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Heather's Horses



Commissioned by Helen Kaminski over a period of years for summer and winter collections. There are several Kaminski  location photographic collections, however, this one is in a  much-deserved gallery of its own. Shot on location in the  South Island of New Zealand at Grasmere Lodge where the local horse whisperer Heather had these amazing animals  queuing to be photographed like star models. Unshod and without bits, Heathers Horses were so cooperative in making this story a cheeky, brumby in nature exercise adding personality plus. Wardrobe comprises velvets, felts, wools and faux furs adding a wonderful, texture, bringing horse and model

even closer in shot. Hats by Kaminski.   


Credits: H/M Rose Borg     

                                                                         ANTHONY HORTH 



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